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"WIND IT" won the National Grand Prix of Engineering 2015

Project of a lattice tower incorporating vertical axis wind turbines

DFI TELECOM is proud to have won this award in association with EGIS Concept. It rewards engineering professionals for the quality of the design and conduct of an exceptional project by its innovations and creativity. This competition was launched in France by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital and the Ministry of Housing and Equal territories and Rural Affairs, in partnership with Syntec-Ingénieirie and in combination with the group Le Moniteur.

The following criteria were evaluated: the specific contribution of the engineering function to the techno-economic feasibility of the project multidisciplinary team and its ability to integrate tools, methods and skills, the integration of components of sustainable development in project engineering, inventiveness, technology and innovation deployed.

WIND IT Vitré France 2015

Wind project

IASS WG4 Meeting Prague, September 2015

Confidential until October 2015

The chief engineer is member of the International Association for Shell and Special Structures, Working group of Towers and masts WG4. The Group comprises experts in this field including engineers, designers and researchers who can address with authority the special problems related to telecommunication masts and towers. At the biennale meetings of the members, the chief engineer presents synthesis of the most innovating or challenging projects accomplished in between, whether they be theoretical or practical.    


IASS WG4 Meeting Paris, September 2013

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